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Foundation Gastrostars

Gastrostars is the first patients organization for everyone with a stomach paralysis and other additional physical conditions such as a paralyzed or slow working intestines. Down below you can read more about the foundation created by Emma Kok!

Who we are
Emma Kok met voedingspompen

Share experiences

Gastroparesis often leads to misunderstanding in the environment of the patient. It has consequences on the relation with friends and family, functioning at school, at work and at every social activity. The foundation GASTROSTARS is a patients organization. A place to get in contact with each other to share stories and experiences, and give each other advice and tips. Not only does there have to be more understanding for this illness, but there also has to be more help to fight this disease.

More about gastroparesis

Why this foundation?

Emma Kok participated in the talent show Ministars in February 2023, when participating in this show she said that she wanted to create a foundation: a foundation for people with gastroparesis. She thinks that more attention has to be raised for this disease. The foundation wants fellow sufferers to reach out to one another.

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A daily struggle

'Every day I struggle with my disease. 22 hours a day, I am bound to my feeding pumps. Two feeding pumps that provide my stomach with food. Because of my disease, I can only eat the smallest amounts. A little bit of apple sauce and two times a day half a rice cracker with syrup.'

Andre rieu

Singing gives me strength

'I see other kids living free. Something simple like going to school by myself is something I can not do. My bag is way too heavy with two feeding pumps to ride my bike with. Even walking the stairs with my two pumps is something I can not do. But also walking long distances, I simply don’t have the strength to do so. But I have a very cool wheelchair which helps me. I convert this daily struggle in power through singing, because that is my favorite thing to do. And if by doing that I can help other children and people, I will only get more strength.'

Mini stars

We are all STARS

'It has always been my dream to create a foundation with the goal to help other patients that suffer from gastroparesis. The disease is currently not curable, furthermore there is a lot of incomprehension about the disease. That’s why it is so heavy for ‘us’ all carrying this disease and all the additional struggles that come with it. That is why it's so important to have a spot where we can meet eachother, So send me a message soon...'



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