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Gastroparesis is a rare desease

Gastroparesis is a stomach disorder. When you suffer from this disease, all the food you eat gets digested very slowly. The muscles in your stomach work very slow or not at all. This is why the stomach can not get emptied the normal way.
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The impact of gastroparesis

Patients with gastroparesis often get confronted with other physical disabilities such as bad working guts, issues with bowel movements, or energetic limits. Furthermore, this disease has a huge social-emotional impact on someone’s life. Gastroparesis often leads to incomprehension in a patients environment. It has effects on the relations with family and friends. It is often impossible for those around you to comprehend what it is like not to be able to eat normally and to receive nutrition for hours through a hose and pump.

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Difficult to be understood

Every day we find out how hard it is to get understood. Not just by someone’s environment but also in the hospital or doctors. Even medical specialists often don’t understand the disease. It is hard for us to get the right medical guiding. It can also help to get the right physical support in this difficult process. You often feel like you lose control over your life and body. How can you learn to handle this disease? How can you accept the fact you have to live your entire life with this handicap? To get answers to these questions, that is why we do this.

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We share the knowledge we have. We can help when questions are raised. will become a source of information for everyone that suffers from this disease. Do you have questions or do you have information you want to share? Send us a message through our contact form.

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